Alder - With its even color, easy workability and consistent grain structure, Alder is a hardwood that accepts a variety of stains and is good for any application and finish.
Beech - With its uniform color and grain, minimal defects and good lengths, Steamed European Beech is a high-quality hardwood that is an excellent cost effective alternative to Alder.
Cherry - A favorite in American homes, this rich and lustrous hardwood reveals its unique character with a combination of reddish colors, smooth fine grain and lighter highlights.
Maple - With every board hand-selected for nearly all white color, this traditional hardwood has a tight grain, firm texture and excellent uniform look when finished naturally or stained.
Mahogany - With its deep reddish-brown tones, elegant warmth and natural beauty, this highly valued exotic hardwood completes the finest interior spaces.
Poplar - The ultimate paint-grade hardwood, providing sharp, crisp details for a painted finish second to none. Light colored Poplar can also be used for economical stained applications.
Red Oak - A great value in hardwoods, Red Oak has been the most widely used and best known American specie due to its color, open grain and the many finish options it offers.
Sapele - Since this beautiful exotic hardwood has an even color and grain, and is virtually defect-free, it is a highly desirable and cost effective alternative to genuine Mahogany.
Walnut - Known as the King of Hardwoods, American Black Walnut has long been prized by furniture and cabinetmakers for its dark rich tones, fine smooth finish and lustrous depth.
White Oak - Used for fine furniture, cabinetry and elegant architectural applications, White Oak offers a more refined grain pattern and unique appearance than all other Oaks.

Saroyan Lumber has the largest and most diverse kiln-dried hardwood inventory in the Western United States. Lumber items in our inventory are brought in from points all over the country and the world, giving us a depth and diversity of inventory that's second to none. Even more unique, this inventory includes stock from 5/8" to 4" thick, in every specie and grade available, and in ample quantity to accommodate the largest job.

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